The Vernon Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol program creates a safer community by supporting community based crime prevention efforts, enhancing our communities’ knowledge and experience with respect to crime prevention and helps foster partnerships and collaborations with local residents and businesses.

The safety patrol assists the RCMP and community policing with the many issues that arise throughout the summer months. They serve as ambassadors, assisting visitors with directions and information. Further, the teams go out into the community spearheading such programs as bicycle and personal safety, operation identification. They are also available to any group wising to have safety workshops. The Patrols also participate in community events such as Family Fun Day, The Sunshine Festival.

From the initial training stage to the implementation of the Patrol, the involvement of organizations such as the RCMP, North Okanagan Youth and Family Services, North Okanagan Health Region, Tourism, John Howard Society and other community groups is critical to the success of the Safety Patrol Program.

Further, participation in a myriad of community events allows the Patrol to maintain visibility, and accessibility, outside of their daily patrol. As a result, the team builds recognition and can educate a broad section of the community in regards to crime prevention initiatives.

Safety Patrol
Safety Patrol

How Does it Work?
After a week of intensive training, the Safety Patrol work Tuesday to Saturday from the end of May to the Mid August.  In teams of two, they patrol the streets, parks and beaches of the Greater Vernon area by foot or on bike.  Their duties; to act as ambassadors for the City of Vernon, to be eyes and ears for the RCMP, help maintain safety by being a visual presence and cleanliness by removing potentially harmful refuse, document tagging and unwanted graffiti, and educate the public in the areas of crime prevention, personal safety and crime reduction.

What Services do The Safety Patrol Provide?
The Safety Patrol is able to contact emergency services such as RCMP, Ambulance and Fire.  They are also able to direct needy community members to emergency community services such as:         

    • The Street Nurse
    • The Gateway Shelter
    • Howard House
    • The Upper Room Mission
    • Primary Health
    • Community Response Team
    • Mental Health Services.
Safety Patrol
  • The Team is available to  community groups to do out reach  workshops such as home, bicycle and  personal safety;

  • Safety Patrol members will also safely remove and dispose of discarded needles;
  • They can provide directions and information regarding local services and attractions.
Safety Patrol


Safety Patrol

Under the direction and the supervision of the City of Vernon Community Policing Coordinator you will be responsible for the following:

Bicycle Patrol

Majority of time patrolling in the Greater Vernon area with occasional ventures to local parks and populated areas.  The patrollers will act as extra eyes and ears for the local RCMP, reporting suspicious activity as well as providing program visibility within the public.

Ambassadors for the City of Vernon

Provide information and directions to community members and visitors advising them of attractions, giving directions and answering a myriad of questions.

Community Safety

-Working closely with the Safe Communities Unit addressing various local safety issues including bicycle safety and road safety.  The concept of Community Policing will be exercised by promoting effective partnerships within the community.

Safety Patrol

Unwanted Graffiti and Tagging

-Working with community partners to document tagging and unwanted graffiti as well as promoting a clean environment.

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