Mission Statement

To preserve and enhance our unique environment and lifestyle on behalf of the people of Vernon through the provision of dynamic and accountable leadership and effective municipal services.

City Crest
Vernon was incorporated in December 1892 and the Crest was adopted at that time and later incorporated into a Chain of Office.

City of Vernon CrestThe "V" of the shield represents the name of our City.

The elk represents the wildlife of the area (elk, which were plentiful at the time Vernon was incorporated, are not too prevalent now).

The sheaves represent the importance of agriculture.

The horn of plenty represents the fruit industry.

The lower part comprising the wavy blue lines on the white background depicts the many lakes in the area and the sunburst is indicative of the splendid climate enjoyed in the sunny Okanagan Valley.

RDNO Greater Vernon Water Coldstream City of Vernon, BC City of Vernon, BC