Frequently Asked Questions

When are Municipal elections?
Municipal elections are held on the third Saturday of November every 4 years in accordance with the Local Government Act. The next Municipal election will be November 2018..

When does Council meet?

Council meets the second and fourth Monday of each month except for December when Council is only held on the second Monday. Regular Open Meetings commence at 1:30 pm in Council Chambers at City Hall, unless otherwise advertised.
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How do I appear as a delegation before Council?

To appear as a delegation before Council, a letter must be submitted to the Corporate Officer, requesting to appear before Council and outlining the subject matter of the presentation. The Mayor will approve such requests, and advise the Corporate Officer to schedule the delegation for a future Council Meeting. Delegations are allowed a maximum of 5 minutes to speak and Council members, after the presentation, may ask questions of the presenter. Any requests from a delegation are brought back to the next Regular Open Meeting for Council’s consideration.

What is a Public Hearing of Council?

Under Section 890 the Local Government Act, a local government must not adopt an official community plan bylaw or a zoning bylaw without holding a public hearing on the bylaw for the purpose of allowing the public to make representations to the local government respecting matters contained in the proposed bylaw. A public hearing is held after initial readings of the bylaw, before third reading. Notification of Public Hearings under Section 892 of the Local Government Act, require an Ad be placed in the local newspaper which must include the time, date and location of the hearing, the purpose of the bylaw, the land(s) which are the subject of the bylaw and the information where copies of the bylaw may be inspected. Once a Public Hearing is closed by the Mayor, Council may not receive any further information from members of the public.

How do I address Council?

At a Council meeting the Mayor is addressed as "Mr. Mayor" or "Your Worship" and Councillors as "Councillor ...."

What is the City Crest?
Please view our Mission Statement for more information about the City of Vernon Crest.

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